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ASX 52 Week Highs on Wednesday, February 28, 2024 (All charts)
ALD Close:39.420 Vol:1,087,885 RSI:79.58

ALL Close:45.950 Vol:1,013,337 RSI:0.00

ARB Close:40.710 Vol:299,466 RSI:0.00

BLX Close:2.890 Vol:66,107 RSI:67.30

CAF Close:0.350 Vol:214,703 RSI:73.28

CSR Close:8.810 Vol:4,531,933 RSI:0.00

DRO Close:0.930 Vol:11,190,149 RSI:0.00

EOS Close:1.880 Vol:1,914,327 RSI:75.85

EQT Close:29.260 Vol:13,520 RSI:68.58

GLV Close:0.020 Vol:22,147,815 RSI:0.00

GWA Close:2.730 Vol:750,453 RSI:0.00

IEU Close:82.400 Vol:8,172 RSI:78.46

IJH Close:43.930 Vol:4,355 RSI:67.23

IJP Close:105.730 Vol:11,736 RSI:74.60

IVE Close:118.350 Vol:2,727 RSI:80.51

IVV Close:51.970 Vol:239,040 RSI:0.00

JIN Close:17.670 Vol:711,309 RSI:0.00

KGN Close:7.910 Vol:676,319 RSI:0.00

KPG Close:6.140 Vol:77,848 RSI:0.00

KSL Close:0.900 Vol:717,664 RSI:0.00

MDR Close:0.330 Vol:7,115,845 RSI:0.00

MMI Close:0.029 Vol:7,519,145 RSI:0.00

MYX Close:6.600 Vol:528,245 RSI:0.00

NXT Close:17.150 Vol:6,564,924 RSI:83.21

PGF Close:1.990 Vol:138,509 RSI:56.55

QBE Close:17.200 Vol:2,574,500 RSI:68.51

QIP Close:1.350 Vol:202,834 RSI:75.85

REG Close:3.670 Vol:353,558 RSI:0.00

RHI Close:5.450 Vol:1,700 RSI:0.00

SKS Close:0.340 Vol:427,446 RSI:0.00

SSM Close:1.075 Vol:7,072,556 RSI:81.41

TWR Close:0.680 Vol:20,144 RSI:73.82

WQG Close:1.500 Vol:149,080 RSI:0.00

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