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EMACrosses Scan | 20 Days High
ASX200 3 Month Highs

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52 Week High (Close) (Day High)
ASX Top 20s Weekly/Monthly/Yearly
52 Week High: stock close at 52 weeks' high
Price Rising:4 sessions, 5 sessions
MA Crossing Up: 5X10, 10X30, 1x50
EMA Crosses: 9x26 Up & Down
Up Trending: stock trending up
Gap Ups: gap up coupled with volume surge
Low PE: stock with PE between 5 and 10
Volume Increasing: 3,4 sessions, volume spikes
Price/Volume Increasing: 3 sessions, 4 sessions
Yearly High: stock close at this years high
Micro Cap: market cap < 5 million $s
Low PE Mining: mining stock with PE < 10
20 Day Highs / Lows (volume > 300000)
MA Crossing Down: 5x10, 10x30
Down Trending: stock trending down
Price dropping: 4 sessions, 5 sessions
52 Week Low: stock close at 52 weeks' low
Small/Mid Cap: market cap between 200 and 300 mil $s
Penny Stock: share price smaller than 10c or 5c